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To Our Fourth Season

Dear Season 4,
Here we are. Just days–or weeks in my case–away from your big debut. We’re about to go from being a small tribe to a regular old tribe. No more small cars for this family. You, season 4 are expanding us in so many ways.
When our first season was born, I remember promising in my heart that I would always make a huge deal out of each pregnancy. I didn’t want any subsequent children after season 1 to feel like they weren’t as important, or as thought about.  As the littles have come, and now here your arrival as season 4 is quickly approaching, I realize how immature that idea was.
There has been nothing more satisfying then happily just expecting you. You’ve found your place in this family with out fanfare. You’ve grown inside me as though this is just the way it should be.
I like that.
I like being comfortable with you. I like happily expecting you. I like enjoying our relationship of kicks and hiccups with out great fanfare.
I’m learning that growing up is so much fun. It was special and extravagant to have season 1. It was grand rite of passage of womanhood that I didn’t know existed. Now, with you, season 4, you are a grand comfort and expectancy of motherhood. I was so wrong to ever think that enjoying the comforts of having “another” little was a slap in the face to that little. No, it is a great honor.
You season 4, you are a welcomed comfort.


Now, Currently in Progress

I can’t help but let you in on this little secret–

currently, I’m attending a homebirth.

I’ll give you a few bullets on the experience so far:

  • I love my midwife.–she’s also attending this birth, and for me she’s one of those people that I feel like I look at all silly like and think to myself “I wanna be her” at least in a birth way. And then I get all excited and think of the possibilities
  • I love birth photography.–and I thought pregnancy photos were fun!!
  • dang dog, I’m tired–I hope I sound all hip and cool when you read that, because I imagined it. And lets admit it, the mamma here is a lot more tired.
  • herb baths still smell like Italian food.–delicious
  • coffee gets me through–well coffee and Jesus. but you can consider that most of the time anyway.
  • birth is worshipful.–not a lie. call me crazy. no big deal. it’s true.

That’s all I’ve got! Time to go steep tea, clean up the kitchen, and pray for this mamma as she gets closer to meeting someone she’s got to know so well these past nine months already!


Confession of Birth Lover

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I like birth. It’s the thing that makes me soft. And I mean, I try to hang with a tough outer shell, but when it comes to birth I go soft. I can’t explain it, but if you’ve had a … Continue reading