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Feet On My Bed

Tonight, it’s late.  There are littles sprawled throughout my room, as they have been all week long while daddy is away at a conference. Little puzzle pieces of legs, arms, and tiny bodies finding a comfortable spot on the bed or mattress on the floor.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.
As much as we miss our daddy while he’s gone, I think this week has been a much needed week for these growing littles of mine.  This week there have been endless talks of life and learning. We’ve read from the Horse and His Boy hours into the night, while their tired eyes begged for one more chapter, just so we could find out who was walking next to Shasta. We’ve adventured to a picnic at the park with a special stop on the way home at an ice cream shop. They’ve played. And I’ve listened.
I’m reminded this week how easy it is to miss their growing up. From right underneath my nose in the day to day, they grow up.
Our little number 3 turned 2. She mastered the art of the potty, and in a weeks time is now insisting on doing everything “big.”  And I’m remembering her beginnings, on a bus, with those tiny folded hands. Just like that, she’s not the baby.  One of the team now.
Our oldest little, I’m finding is no longer a little. She’s a big. With hair that shines red in the sun, eyes that sparkle green, and a splash of freckles across her nose just to give the passerby a double take.
And not to be outdone our little formerly known as middle has lost the very last remains of the baby only a mamma can see. Her face has thinned out. Her hair now down to her shoulders, her legs long and thin.
One, two, three, four littles growing up so quickly, right out from under my nose. If I don’t soak it in now, these moments will be lost forever. Making me grateful for a week to take them in. To watch them breath at night, and feel their little feet kicking on my legs, trying to find room on the bed. If I don’t slow down just enough to breath them in, and watch them grow, I fear I’ll miss some of the greatest things about living this life.
Oh, how I’m grateful for these feet on my bed.


Life Moves

In three days our little Hallel(ie) Belle will be two months old. In one month from today our little Torah Bean will be two years old. Life moves. Life moves on. And before you know it, your newborn is 2 months, and your baby is two. Your oldest has lost her first tooth, and your second playing the role of mini-mamma at every chance she gets.

I never believed them when they told me to cherish the moments because they pass so quickly. In those first couple of months there’s so much adjusting. There’s always a messy home. And it’s hard to not be tired for what feels like no good reason at all. And, it’s hard to remember that these moments, the messy house moments, are exactly what you cherish.

Because you blink. And then she’s two months old. And then she’s two years old. And then she’s a mini-mamma. And then she’s lost her first tooth.  And soon enough, too soon enough, the messy house will be gone. Because life moves. Life moves on.

Sneaking the Moments

I’ve learned a couple things in the last month.  Having four babies and all. In some ways I thought that having four would be easy, and I’ve ended up feeling like I’m drowning and then someone’s handed me a fourth child. In some ways it’s been as beautiful and natural as I could imagine.  And in still completely other ways, I’ve been in awe of my whole families ability to adapt and step up to the plate.
As our tribe grows, I remember as mama how important, and necessary it is to sneak those single moments away with each little.  How greatly needed is that 5 minutes after all the others are in bed with our biggest little.  How necessary the few minutes in the morning with the little formerly known as middle before the others wake up.  Even our not so littlest needs those moments snuck away for just her and I.
When I find those moments, their days are brighter.  My day is brighter. They are reminded they are precious and special and mean the entire world to me.  I am reminded they are precious and special and mean the entire world to me.
I forget so easily how important it is to reaffirm my heart for my littles. I can tell the world how much I care, but what good does it if they don’t know?  In the last month, since our Hallel was born, it’s been easy to ask the girls to push through, do hard things, accept long nights, and moments where mama just has to sit down a bit.  When I have forgotten to sneak away the moments, I can see it on their faces. It’s in their attitudes. It’s in my attitude.
But when I remember the importance of sneaking the moment, Oh how fantastic! On a trip with family to a waterfall this last week, biggest asked me to go back to the van with her for a minute. She needed to get a couple of things and it was one of those things that after six years of being entrusted to her care, I knew only mama could go.  It was somewhere along the walk back to the van I stopped thinking about the sleeping babe I was sling carrying around, over rocks and up an incline, and began recognizing the moment that had been snuck.
freedom Girl
I took in my budding young girl. I watched her adventurous spirit I’ve always loved and admired. We talked about life, her heart, her plans, our family. In the in between times, she ran up the highest rocks, and darted back and forth up trees and along the water.  It’s these sneaking moments that I smile, and thank God.  These babies truly are a blessing.  I’m not just saying that because I’m supposed to. It’s because in these sneaking moments, I realize how precious and special life is.  How honored I am to be a part of it.
Waterfalls and Dreadlocks
Mama’s,  sneak the moments with your littles. Your babies. You will never regret it.

The Little Adventures


Lately I’m realizing it’s the little adventures that mean something big.  We’ve had a lot of big adventures over the last year, that it’s become easy to find myself discontent with the little ones.

But I remember really loving the little ones. 

And so this week, I’ve taken on the challenge to find the little ones again. Whether it be in the night time reading’s of Bambi or the puzzle building in the morning’s.  It’s time our little tribe redefines yet again the meaning of adventure. Because after all, we’ve always known, that these moments are where the real adventure is found.



She Turns 4. I Make Whoopie Pies.

Once upon a time I had a 5 year old, a  3 year old, and a 1 year old.

Today is no longer that day. I now have a 6 year old. A 4 year old. And a 1 year old. What happened to life and time? –On that complete side note, why does highschool seem like last year, when it was actually 10 years ago? Is that even fair?

We’re now into legos, princesses, and whatever the older littles are doing. Hosanna’s learning to read. And Zuri is asking a new question about the inside of our body every day. Torah? well, she can say socks. and shoe. and Abby.and a number of other things. She’s a smart cookie. And endlessly funny if I do say so myself.

These are big deals in our world. I like to treat them as such. At least to the best of my ability. why not?

The latest model was played out in a Princess Birthday party. Where miss middle little was showered in more love then I could have ever expected, and we ate more fantastic homemade sweets then I could have ever imagined making. And as long as I have the ability, I think it’s completely worth it to make these littles feel spectacular on their day. Everyone needs to know they mean something to someone.

(oh hey, sucker bouquets, and petit fours. In case anyone wants to know, I don’t want to make petit fours ever again as long as I live. so help me. the whoopie pies on the other hand? I’m making them tomorrow.  And since we’re at it, I’ll also shamelessly flaunt that we made pumpkin pie from a pumpkin that came from our garden. This birthday preparation made me feel like a super star.)

And because I just love a good middle little quote…Zuri summed up her birthday to her aunt on the phone “My mom made my cake and stuck a barbie in it to make it pretty” it’s the best I could do. because really, all cakes I make turn out really poor.

That’s all I got this late night blogging session. I have myself big littles these days, and I couldn’t be a happier mamma.



Our Glamorous Life

I’ve taken to calling life glamorous lately. Partially sarcastically. Mostly because it’s true.

It’s easy to forget that life is glamorous. Life is hard. And the pains of living take over the joy of it.  Yet, sometimes the most glamorous thing is reading the same book 18 times on the couch. Looking back, we’ve had a year of overly glamorous things, living on a bus, touching our toes in both oceans in three months time, the sort of things you only read about other people doing.

The truth is, those things were fun, and filled some adventure seeking things that I only dreamed of filling. and I forever want to go back to the south west. Still,  I always loved the moments home the most. The ordinary life living things are some of the most fantastic things I have done. 

Making Christmas cookies because it was cold last night. Painting pictures. Reading a book 18 times on the couch because we can. That is a glamorous life. 

I’ve been remembering to say yes more then I say no. Which reminds me why I love raising our girls the way we do. Where they have a say in life, and their ideas and opinions matter. It’s when I let them go and grow in the ways they know best that I see them flourish. I see my biggest little learning to read. I see my middle little mastering puzzles. I see my littlest learning to build with blocks.  The littles are working together, and finding their rolls in life as sisters. It’s a beautiful thing that I had been missing living on a bus. Wait. No, it’s a glamorous thing. 

It really is a glamorous life, isn’t it?

This Morning Started with a Good Dose of Therapy

I spent a slow morning cuddled up with my middle little who wanted nothing more then to look at pictures on our computer. Though I had plans of my own, you know, important things like facebook and blog reading, I’ve learned an important lesson long ago. It’s always okay to break stride in my day to spend those precious couple of minutes with my littles. It will only last so long, and their learning and curiosity means more to me then any amount blogs or facebooking I could do in one day.

Turns out middle little knew exactly what mamma needed this morning.

We started with pictures stored on iphoto. Mostly photo’s from my phone of the quick simple moments from the last year. The travels, the garden, themornings of disheveled little hairs that I don’t want to ever forget. But iphoto photo’s quickly turned into funny ideas of taking our own photos via photobooth. You know, the silly ones. The kind that I’ve determined mamma’s and daughters should always take together. And we laughed. And it was so good.   Our mamma’s therapy session with looking all the old photo’s and videos that have found themselves stored on photo booth since this computer became ours. Video’s of Hosanna dancing her heart out and having “preformances” where Zuri came running through disrupting the scene as only Torah can like wise do today.

And I realized that somethings haven’t changed over the years with the girls. In some ways I feel more mature as a parent, and I wonder when the last time we had a dance party was. But Hosanna still preforms. Zuri still dances and admires everything Hosanna does. And Torah disrupts everything the other two do.

I’m so glad I’ve captured these things in photo’s and videos.

And that’s where my therapy has come in. I’ve spent time since we’ve been home never wanting to take photo’s again. Tired of trying to be “successful” as a photographer all the while losing the passion for why I ever enjoyed taking photo’s in the first place. And it’s the same with blogging. I find myself not writing or blogging because I have these great ideas of how my blog is going to be the next biggest thing, and if I can’t do that then why blog?

Oh my err.

The reason I have ever began blogging or loving photography or videography is all because the moments in this life are so precious. They’re so special. So important. I’m so thankful they have been documented.

Thank you Zuri for the therapy today.