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My Dynamic Fantastic Little

I have this little. She’s my oldest of three, and at the age of five she has life figured out.


Sometimes she doesn’t really.

Like the other night when she didn’t get her way and threw a tantrum for an hour.–not a lie. an hour.

She’s dynamic to say the least. But that’s what I love about her. Today, that girl rode her bike over 5 miles. Did you know she learned to ride with out training wheels last year? she totally did. If I didn’t previously mention it, she’s awesome.

One of this girls favorite things to do is make stories. It doesn’t matter what, just stories. And when I’m on top of things as a mamma, we write the stories down.

“Then they finally, discovered a snake living near by. The biggest snake in the world.  They were so scared they didn’t know what to do. So, they just sat in a tent all night worrying. They jus t pulled out their spy glasses and looked for slide tracks. they searched and searched all night. the woke up and looked and looked until they found it and wondered how to defeat it.”

She’s calls herself an author. And I’m okay with that.

Oh this dynamic fantastic little.