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DPP-December Baby

december babyAs a kid, I remember feeling like December hung on forever. Christmas would never come and there was no amount of holiday cheer, carols, or cookies that could make Christmas arrive faster.

Now I’m an adult.

Now, I begin to brace myself come September,begin to plan in October, small executions in November, and in December? I hang on for dear life. Is it seriously the 12th already? And that’s less then 2 weeks from Christmas?! What in the world happened to all my bracing, planning, executing in the previous months?! nothing obviously.

Just a couple of weeks before Christmas, and a dog sled race only 3 weeks after that. HOLD ON, THIS IS GONNA BE CRAY CRAY.

Which is why I attempt to take a photo every day in December. Because these moments are so easily forgotten as the busyness of holiday cheer grabs a hold and shoves cookies down our throats. I need to remember to stop. To take the picture. To know that holding my sleeping baby in the crook of my neck is what this all about. These are the moments that are really worth remembering. And they’re the reason we find ourselves so into holiday cheer anyway.