My Adventure

It’s not fair to say I have one adventure.

Our adventure is always changing and morphing.It’s been marriage, and moving. Coffee shops and littles. Music and schools. Travel and ministry.

As of late we’re doing it all. At the same time. Mostly because I think we’re crazy. But really because we’re passionate. Passionate about what we believe in. And more then willing to live in a bus, give you coffee, play music, worship, feed the masses, and teach if that’s what it takes to let our little lights shine. Our adventure is nothing if we are not pursuing the one who created us with passion.

Actually, I’m pretty positive our adventure would be nothing if it weren’t for Him. We’d more then likely be working lame jobs, unhappy, aimlessly pursuing a mundane imaginary bar just because that’s what “people do”

Thank God we have Him.

Are you still wondering what exactly it is that we “do?”

I’ll try to make this easy, and put it in a nut shell for you.

We have three beautiful littles. We run a coffee shop gone music venue gone school gone community outreach. The coffee shop and music venue is called HeBrews. We started the coffee shop as a non-for-profit venue four years ago. Through the coffee shop and the obvious need, the Tribe of Judah School of Ministry dropped into our laps. Using music and the Word as the source we teach the students what it means to pursue God passionately.

For us, that’s come in the form of a bus. In 5 months that bus has driven over 7000 miles using music as a front to wave a banner that screams “pursue passionately!” and also the simple statement that our God does exciting awesome things.

And for me? I mean after the all that. Wait, not after, in addition to; I’m a mamma.

And I do radical things like unschool. And cloth diaper. And keep my littles close. And sleep next to them. And practice attachment parenting. That alone is a crazy adventure. But, you can’t blame me. We have three girls. It’d be radical no matter what direction we decided to take it.

And finally when all those things are said and done I’ve discovered a creative side. Turns out I love photography and writing. It’s my therapy after a long hard day.
I’m happy to have therapy.

Wecolme to my adventure


One response to “My Adventure

  1. Hello…I was wondering if you’d like to chat a little bit through e-mail. I’ve followed your blog for a while and love it. You and I have a lot in common, especially our parenting style. Having some faith issues and thought you may be a good one to talk to. I understand if you don’t have time right now. Take care!

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