When I type Hundewald a couple of dots should pop up above the u. But they don’t. You can remember they are there, can’t you? Thanks. I appreciate it. 

Hundewald (pronounced Hoooon de vald ) or the Dogs Forest. Is our little slice of this land. Somehow in the midst of scrambling and bill paying, and just trying to get by, we were blessed with 30 acres a giant pole barn, and an energy efficiant earth home.  It sits on the edge of about as far away as we would want to be from town.  But even that, I’m really beginning to love.

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know the beginnings of owning a home and taking care of land. But the sparkle in the eyes I get from the local folk who have found their own little pieces of paradise, help me know, we’ll figure it out.

There’s something about having your piece of land that no one tells you will be so rewarding. These places we call home.  A place of safety, a place of rest.  Our little Dog Forest nestled in the woods. Our Hundewald.


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