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Sneaking the Moments

I’ve learned a couple things in the last month.  Having four babies and all. In some ways I thought that having four would be easy, and I’ve ended up feeling like I’m drowning and then someone’s handed me a fourth child. In some ways it’s been as beautiful and natural as I could imagine.  And in still completely other ways, I’ve been in awe of my whole families ability to adapt and step up to the plate.
As our tribe grows, I remember as mama how important, and necessary it is to sneak those single moments away with each little.  How greatly needed is that 5 minutes after all the others are in bed with our biggest little.  How necessary the few minutes in the morning with the little formerly known as middle before the others wake up.  Even our not so littlest needs those moments snuck away for just her and I.
When I find those moments, their days are brighter.  My day is brighter. They are reminded they are precious and special and mean the entire world to me.  I am reminded they are precious and special and mean the entire world to me.
I forget so easily how important it is to reaffirm my heart for my littles. I can tell the world how much I care, but what good does it if they don’t know?  In the last month, since our Hallel was born, it’s been easy to ask the girls to push through, do hard things, accept long nights, and moments where mama just has to sit down a bit.  When I have forgotten to sneak away the moments, I can see it on their faces. It’s in their attitudes. It’s in my attitude.
But when I remember the importance of sneaking the moment, Oh how fantastic! On a trip with family to a waterfall this last week, biggest asked me to go back to the van with her for a minute. She needed to get a couple of things and it was one of those things that after six years of being entrusted to her care, I knew only mama could go.  It was somewhere along the walk back to the van I stopped thinking about the sleeping babe I was sling carrying around, over rocks and up an incline, and began recognizing the moment that had been snuck.
freedom Girl
I took in my budding young girl. I watched her adventurous spirit I’ve always loved and admired. We talked about life, her heart, her plans, our family. In the in between times, she ran up the highest rocks, and darted back and forth up trees and along the water.  It’s these sneaking moments that I smile, and thank God.  These babies truly are a blessing.  I’m not just saying that because I’m supposed to. It’s because in these sneaking moments, I realize how precious and special life is.  How honored I am to be a part of it.
Waterfalls and Dreadlocks
Mama’s,  sneak the moments with your littles. Your babies. You will never regret it.