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DPP–The Post Where I tell you to Hold Your Babies (Again)

vscocam416Sometimes I get this feeling that my blogging experience is becoming a one string guitar. “Hey everyone, hold your babies!” “Don’t forget to hold your babies when you’re busy!” “Keep your littles close! Don’t forget the moments!”  Then yesterday happens. And I don’t regret any piece of it.

Yesterday I avoided most social media as the flooding of tragedy and fear filled the screens. A Mamma’s heart can only handle so much so it was best I just sat back and turned off devices, and hugged my small ones a little tighter.

As night fell and a certain 9 month old decided that the night was young, I let my mind begin to wander. I read the news reports. I read the political drama that was ensuing. I saw the pictures of weeping families.

And I looked at my baby.

Realities hit deep when there is tragedy.  There is no guarantee that today when we go to the library for a cookie exchange a gunman won’t open fire on the unsuspecting crowd because he just HATES cookies.  There’s no guarantee today that a bus won’t cream us we walk through the parking lot. There’s no guarantee today that those who are alive and well today will be alive and well tomorrow.

So I joined that masses of mamma’s that hugged their babies closer. I looked deeper into their eyes, I breathed in their little one smells and watched them sleep.  Our days are a gift, and oh, the hopes that heaven brings.unknown



DPP-December Baby

december babyAs a kid, I remember feeling like December hung on forever. Christmas would never come and there was no amount of holiday cheer, carols, or cookies that could make Christmas arrive faster.

Now I’m an adult.

Now, I begin to brace myself come September,begin to plan in October, small executions in November, and in December? I hang on for dear life. Is it seriously the 12th already? And that’s less then 2 weeks from Christmas?! What in the world happened to all my bracing, planning, executing in the previous months?! nothing obviously.

Just a couple of weeks before Christmas, and a dog sled race only 3 weeks after that. HOLD ON, THIS IS GONNA BE CRAY CRAY.

Which is why I attempt to take a photo every day in December. Because these moments are so easily forgotten as the busyness of holiday cheer grabs a hold and shoves cookies down our throats. I need to remember to stop. To take the picture. To know that holding my sleeping baby in the crook of my neck is what this all about. These are the moments that are really worth remembering. And they’re the reason we find ourselves so into holiday cheer anyway.

DPP-Cookies at Grandmas

On December 7th the magic of Christmas began to appear from our sicky sick babies. Cookie decorating, christmas carols, and a tree to be decorated…all at grandma’s house.



DPP-Our week


I have these romantic plans that December is full of giant snowflakes, mess-less craft projects, cookies always baking, and the magic of Christmas lights twinkling.

Sometimes, reality sets in. And the beginning of December is filled with sniffles, coughs, and many needed naps. That’s been our whole week.

And the friends in the photo above have been on the team to help us out.  First up, we have mamma’s go-to, Garlic syrup. This tasty treat of garlic, apple cider vinegar, and honey has helped to give me the title of “Medicine monster” around these parts. Poor babies.

Next up, is the Ibprofen who helped out a couple of nights to relax the coughing muscles before our friend Lobelia stopped by.

Lobelia tincture has become the heavy hitter here. Stopping coughs with just a little less then a teaspoonful. Thank God for Lobelia.

I don’t have anything else to say. I’m going to go blow my nose.



many littles crying. Multiple babies sick today. So pitiful. Photographs were taken, but there’s no time to share. However, this photo I took recently. I love it so much.sledding

the end. babies crying…

DPP-Sick Day

This last week was busy. By busy I mean meetings, and craft fairs, and parades, and the usual weeks bringings beyond those. Our little T seemed to get a bit worn out. And so is her mamma. I’d say the two older littles are as well, but they’ll never admit it 😉

Today is a good day for movies and knitting.
sick day December Photo Project 2012