I’m Going to Blog….darn it

I have the best intentions when it comes to blogging. I write these fabulous posts in my head all day long. Different scenario’s of life that make me want to write and write and write. So I take a picture that I think will go great with the post. I make sure my computer is charged and ready to go. I wait for that quiet moment where I can sit and think about what I want to write. Then everyone’s hungry. Then everyone’s looking for something to do. Then the babe is tired. Then The doggies need to potty. Then there’s puke on the floor. Then it’s dinner time. Then we wind down for bed. Then the littles all go to bed. Then I sit down to write. Then my brain no longer functions.  I might upload the photo I took earlier. I might edit it. I’ll probably need to work on this sled dog race a bit. And then I’ll forget what it was I was going to write about in the first place. Or better yet, I’ll walk away with out another thought on the subject.koyuk

But I miss writing. I miss sharing my life with you.Z at 5
December is coming up. I’m gearing up for the December photo-a-day challenge. Let’s give that a go again, eh? And maybe you’ll see this blog jump start again.


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