Ramblings from my Sick Bed

Alright, so I’m sick. The kind of sick where I hear the little screaming down stairs and the general upset of a house with a mamma sick, and I rolled over and went back to sleep. In fact, I’ve slept most of the day. Only to be coupled with the fantastic pregnant feelings that come with dehydration from the flu–see braxton hick contractions.

No fun man. No fun.

I realize I made numerous promises on my blog about posting about experiments and classes on women in society. It’s been about three weeks since I made those promises. And about three weeks since I posted last.

Real sorry about that. I told you you shouldn’t trust me and my writing these days.

The class is going well though. I’ve been really grateful for the friends who have responded to my original survey. It’s come handy in class.

The littles and I have continued to experiment. Making things like Oobleck, and I’m all sorts of excited about making a volcano soon.–it all ties in with the countries they are researching.–go mamma go.

Okay, enough about me. Or maybe it’s time to nap again.

We also got puppies. Surprised you didn’t know that.I love being 7 1/2 months pregnant and getting two puppies.–I may think I’m a bit crazy but I really am excited to have these pups. They’re what our family has been looking for, for a while.



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