Stirring Up the Women’s Nest

Hey, I need your help.  I’m about to embark on a new class in the Tribe of Judah school this semester. A class about women.

Not a “how to be a proper woman” class–calm yourself. More a class on the views of women’s roles. Both in history, and in society today. We’ll be looking at the assumptions and view points on where women should be, and how we–as women–can find a footing and figure out who we should be through all the conceptions and ideals.

I’m fairly excited about the class. Mostly because it’s something that sits on the back burner as a deep passion of mine. I’m excited to get things down on paper, and my thoughts for this class into words.  It’s been a long time coming.

Now, this is where y’all come in. I’ve written out a questionnaire,surveying your views on women in society. Would you mind filling this out for me? I’d like to use the answers to discuss in class.

And as an added bonus, I have these fantastic goals and plans to post the class on this blog and the Tribe of Judah blog as time goes on.  Fancy, isn’t it?

  • How are women viewed in society today?
  • What are your thoughts on the feminist movement?
  • Where should women find themselves as far as “role” goes in society today?
  • What do you think the bible says about women?
  • What is the biblical view of women and their roles in society?
  • Do you feel this differs from how women are viewed today?
  • What are your feelings and thoughts on the women who are mentioned in the bible?
  • Do you find that you agree with how women are viewed today or biblically or one in the same?
  • Where do you think women should find themselves in society?

If you don’t mind, you can either just leave your answers in a comment, or e-mail them to me at   Or if you’re a rebel and don’t want to answer the questions directly but still feel the need to give me your two cents on the matter, I’d love to hear them as well.   Thanks friends.


4 responses to “Stirring Up the Women’s Nest

  1. whoa, Nellie! These are some questions, girl!!
    I’ll have to give them some thought and will probably email them back to you on an attached doc. is that what you wanted?
    Or, are you looking for more of a one sentence answer, type of thing?

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