A Mega DPP11 Post

All December I’ve only gotten behind on the December Photo Project one day. I’ve faithfully posted late into the evening all about our yuletide adventures. Until the last three days.

We’ve hit full Christmas mode here, with visits to family, much needed time out for Josh and I, Hannukah celebrations, loads of food, and even our first present opening celebration.

The last three days have been loaded.

But I haven’t given up on the December Photo Project yet! And to make up for the last three days, here’s a mega post of our last few days;
Simple Date

DPP11 December 20–3 days ago, In the name of Christmas shopping, we dropped the girls off at Grandpa’s and Josh and I had a moment just to ourselves for the first time in quite some time. I think they call them dates. Turns out their really fantastic, and it doesn’t matter how greasy and cheap the Taco, these moments are some of the most cherished.   We did do some Christmas shopping, but I’l be honest, the night was more about walking through stores with my arm linked with his then anything else. It was a great night.

Hannukah Lights

DPP11 December 21–Mostly because we’re gluttons for family time, friends, and definitely food, our family loves to Celebrate Hannukah every year.  We love the symbolism in the Festival of Lights, and the moments around the Hannukah menorah that bring our family together. Oh, and we love Candy from playing Dreidel. Oh and, homemade doughnuts. Oh and latke’s.

Ready to Get This Show on the Road

DPP11 December 22--And Christmas celebrations begin. I’m so thankful for so many grandparents that work hard to maintain the idea of family and gathering. I recognize it as something special that not everyone gets to enjoy.  The only thing is, when it comes to holidays, we have to start ahead of time in order to fit all the celebrating in with everyone. Of course, none of my littles are complaining.

and it wouldn’t be Christmas without an overtired, over sugared, over christmas’d little weeping just a bit

Late Nights, Early Mornings

(no littles were harmed or emotionaly wounded in the making of this photo)


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