Let The Games Begin–DPP11

I’m posting for yesterday’s December Photo Project this morning. Last night was a late night, and it was totally worth it.

I had forgotten that one of my favorite things about the next few weeks is the constant stream of friends we have here. The responsibilities of school and duties have subsided for the most part, and we’ve turned the community meals from the coffee shop to inside our home for the time being. Everything turns a bit cozier with games and family things. I like that.

Games and Friends

..and as an added, morning time bonus, I’ll throw in this shot. Because it’s everything about being a mamma that makes your heart melt.–ignore the fact I was taking a photo while this face was happening. pfft. ignore that.

It's Not Easy Being 4


One response to “Let The Games Begin–DPP11

  1. I have been trying to stay up on Josh and your blogs. You sure are a busy momma. The whole tribe sounds very productive and busy!
    It’s great to see a picture of the group together playing games…..wish we were there.

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