On Christmas Plays and Growing Up–DPP11

I’ve been thinking that six is the year. Six is the year where the big things happen. Things that define the jump from a pre-school mindset to full blown little girl.

If her birthday party of rollercoasters–the big rollercoasters, NOT the little ones–didn’t clue me in, I should have known come mastering reading, learning to whistle–on her own I might add,— learning to tie her shoes, and taking on the biggest of big sledding hills.

And she, being the first born, doesn’t realize this, but these are big deals for a mamma too. I feel like I need some sort of badges for each step of the way. Kind of like scouts, only probably on an apron, or something equally as “mom.” It’s a big deal to watch your little grow.

All this to say, tonight was one of those nights. It was her first debut on the stage in a Christmas play.

No big deal right? Not really. Except for the fact that she’s never done this before. And it’s a big deal to be a wise man in a christmas play when you’re six. It’s a big deal to memorize and learn new songs, and it’s a big deal to go to things like practices with out your mamma by your side.

She took her next step in her growing up journey, and I got my badge to put on my apron.  Great job biggest little. You’ll soon just be my big. 


One response to “On Christmas Plays and Growing Up–DPP11

  1. Aww I love this. It is a very sweet journey you are going through right now that only a mother and father knows.
    She looked so cute for the play!

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