Best Cookies Ever-DPP11

Cookie time

We’ve been waiting to make Christmas cookies for a while now. As in, my butter has been hanging out at room temperature on my counter for about 3 days.  The butter couldn’t wait any longer. And I don’t think the littles could either. Today had to be the day.

And we jumped in with both feet. Full of flour, and butter, and sugar. These girls worked their hearts out on their cookies.

And I personally couldn’t ask for a better set of sweets. A gingerbread man with one leg double the length of the other, a wafer thin candy cane sugar cookie, and in contrast an enormously plump snowman–no really, that guy probably didn’t cook all the way through. 

serious business

We didn’t get our cookies decorated today.–those pictures should be coming tomorrow, but I can guarantee you, no one’s going to buy them at a fancy holiday craft fair. No one is going to e-mail me asking me for the recipe and our design secrets. No one is going to be hunting us down to feature their beauty in a fantastic baking what have you.

What I can promise, is the love that’s going into these things, makes up for all the misshapen cut outs, and technical design errors we might encounter. The heart behind these plump snowmen and wafer thin candy canes makes them the cookies that I will love the most this year.





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