Heavy Snow, Parade in Lights–DPP 2011

On the Route

For the record, Holiday Parades should require snowfall. And hot chocolate. And probably good dipping cookies. And candy canes handed out along the route.

At least that’s my opinion.

And I’m happy to say that our own small town lights parade seemed to feel the same way.
parade wonder

In the end of the night we were all snow heavy and had soggy socks and finger tips. But for the most part, no one noticed or cared, and the middle little that did care, was satisfied with an extra cup of hot chocolate and standing a little closer to the nearby bonfire.

Once the parade was completed, our little town made us all a little prouder in our town with a snow fall back dropped display of fireworks. When all of that was said and done we found ourselves home to warm jammies, a bowl of chili, and very sleepy littles.

And it’s only December 3.


One response to “Heavy Snow, Parade in Lights–DPP 2011

  1. sorry I missed the big soffy event. It looks wondrous.

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