Finding Daniele

This is my bff, Daniele. In the past we’ve gone every where together.  She’s been by my side through a lot. Through many states, and through many many adventures at home.

In the recent past Daniele and I haven’t been as close. All this talk of a professional relationship. With business partners of fancy editing software, and the beginnings of a studio finding their way into our once beautiful friendship. It’s been painful.  Not to fail to mention, that smaller more convenient friend of mine who takes my calls, answers my texts, even plays games with me, all while photographing my life, has definitely found a way to push Daniele aside.

No more. I want to love Daniele the way we used to love. Enjoying life together. Long walks to nowhere, capturing life’s moments.  Finding the joy in the smiles of the littles that inspired me to grow my relationship with Daniele in the first place. And so today, I did it. I found Daniele, at home, wanting to hang by my side again. And I also wanted her there. She’s been by me all day. We’ve been capturing the moments together, to savor.

I’m hoping from here our relationship can grow deeper again. I’d much rather have a casual relationship then the professional one we’ve been pretending any day.

I’ll share with you our day if you like…

A good day, Daniele. A good Day.


2 responses to “Finding Daniele

  1. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I had a strong urge to grab George Rose, but more than that I cried looking through the pictures. I freaking love you and your babies.

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