Snow Day

They’ve been waiting since the water in the lakes got too cold to swim in. They’ve been asking daily, when it was coming. They’ve imagined, and prepared long before it happened.

Then it finally came.

It has finally snowed.

You would think Christmas had come. 

Actually, Zuri was pretty positive it had. Until I explained that Thanksgiving has to come first.

Obviously that’s today.  So, we can only deduct that Christmas is tomorrow. Because, it’s snowed.  And these things just happen when it snows.

Thankfully, we were able to put off Thanksgiving for now, with snowmen. Strike that. SnowLADIES. Snow fort building, and a wild game of Polar Bears.

 Only the strong survive those sort of things. And this one wearing fuzzy socks for mittens because her were on her sisters hands–give me space. First snow fall is for finding out what we need for this winter–didn’t make it so long in her first snow of the year. She found time inside with Daddy, reading books and snuggling. Which is also very acceptable snow day activities.–or as some recognize it, Thanksgiving.

Soon enough, even the strong couldn’t last in the falling snow. All littles headed in to find their place next to daddy. And because I’m such a great mamma, and I did somehow miss the memo that first snowfalls equal Thanksgiving, I pulled out some Christmas movies, and we finished out our day with hot chocolate.


As all Snow days require…


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