Since I’m Here and All

It’s a foggy, Wednesday morning here at the Tribe house. Our house itself? It’s a complete disaster.–minus the living room, thanks be to God for my most fantastic husband for cleaning it this morning–I’m not upset about the disaster. It’s been birthday central here this week. With middle little turning 4 and all, plus one of the girls here in the house had a birthday, which obviously required a pirate themed birthday and more Whoopie Pies. Completely worth it.

Besides his mad living room cleaning skills, Josh ventured into the world of cycling hat construction yesterday, which included learning to sew with a machine. I’m pretty impressed if I do say so myself. And seeing as sewing has become one of my least favorite things in the world, I see how this new skill can benefit us all.–mwaa haa haa.

Along with a disaster of a home, and learning fancy new skills, I’ve got a load of tomato’s hanging out in my kitchen, that are desperately screaming to be made into sauces. This is a new venture. 

1. I’ve never made a tomato based sauce on my own, let alone with loads of tomato’s.–shoot, I made salsa for the first time last week.

2. loads of tomato’s. 

3. I’ve never canned a good, ever. In fact, I still won’t be canning, but I’m preparing to get my deep freeze on. Which apparently works just as well.

4. Have I mentioned loads of tomato’s? I mean it. not lying. kinda overwhelming.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty fancy and all Suzy homemaker with this venture. It’s a good feeling. I just need an apron and fancy little dress. Probably a beehive up do as well.

I’m thinking that’s it for now. glamorous, no?


One response to “Since I’m Here and All

  1. I want to know how it all went? LET ME KNOW – I’m dying here.

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