She Turns 4. I Make Whoopie Pies.

Once upon a time I had a 5 year old, a  3 year old, and a 1 year old.

Today is no longer that day. I now have a 6 year old. A 4 year old. And a 1 year old. What happened to life and time? –On that complete side note, why does highschool seem like last year, when it was actually 10 years ago? Is that even fair?

We’re now into legos, princesses, and whatever the older littles are doing. Hosanna’s learning to read. And Zuri is asking a new question about the inside of our body every day. Torah? well, she can say socks. and shoe. and Abby.and a number of other things. She’s a smart cookie. And endlessly funny if I do say so myself.

These are big deals in our world. I like to treat them as such. At least to the best of my ability. why not?

The latest model was played out in a Princess Birthday party. Where miss middle little was showered in more love then I could have ever expected, and we ate more fantastic homemade sweets then I could have ever imagined making. And as long as I have the ability, I think it’s completely worth it to make these littles feel spectacular on their day. Everyone needs to know they mean something to someone.

(oh hey, sucker bouquets, and petit fours. In case anyone wants to know, I don’t want to make petit fours ever again as long as I live. so help me. the whoopie pies on the other hand? I’m making them tomorrow.  And since we’re at it, I’ll also shamelessly flaunt that we made pumpkin pie from a pumpkin that came from our garden. This birthday preparation made me feel like a super star.)

And because I just love a good middle little quote…Zuri summed up her birthday to her aunt on the phone “My mom made my cake and stuck a barbie in it to make it pretty” it’s the best I could do. because really, all cakes I make turn out really poor.

That’s all I got this late night blogging session. I have myself big littles these days, and I couldn’t be a happier mamma.




One response to “She Turns 4. I Make Whoopie Pies.

  1. the inspiration for our little shepherd zuri had a birthday! that’s an awesome doll cake! i had a doll cake for my 10th, 20th, & 30th birthdays. they’re the best! & forever memorable. zuri will never forget that special cake her mama made!

    josh is out of town, & i’ve been poking around online all evening, & i just discovered the tribe of judah blog + your blog! we love you guys! & wish we could see you more often than cornerstone… 😉

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