It Was a Good Week

I was going to make a post all about the behind the scenes things. About how I cooked a ton of food and it was awesome. And how we haven’t done this in a long time, and some things about that were hard. And then I was going to say that I am so grateful that this band was our first band back in the swing of hosting shows. After that I was planning on telling you about how we met a new group of friends in a band. They already know a lot of our friends, so it just seemed natural to befriend them too.

But then I got lazy. And instead I’m going to just post pictures.

Okay, hold it. I’m also going to do something crazy, and post a video. Watch out. I’m uncontrolable!


I just had to. because, it’s do your ears hang low. And if you ever had any kind of questions on why you should go to a punk bands acoustic show…now you know why.

oh, and for opportunities like this.


She’s a natural stage hand.

And for your enjoyment, here’s another highlight video.

In so many ways, it’s so good to be back .


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