Our Glamorous Life

I’ve taken to calling life glamorous lately. Partially sarcastically. Mostly because it’s true.

It’s easy to forget that life is glamorous. Life is hard. And the pains of living take over the joy of it.  Yet, sometimes the most glamorous thing is reading the same book 18 times on the couch. Looking back, we’ve had a year of overly glamorous things, living on a bus, touching our toes in both oceans in three months time, the sort of things you only read about other people doing.

The truth is, those things were fun, and filled some adventure seeking things that I only dreamed of filling. and I forever want to go back to the south west. Still,  I always loved the moments home the most. The ordinary life living things are some of the most fantastic things I have done. 

Making Christmas cookies because it was cold last night. Painting pictures. Reading a book 18 times on the couch because we can. That is a glamorous life. 

I’ve been remembering to say yes more then I say no. Which reminds me why I love raising our girls the way we do. Where they have a say in life, and their ideas and opinions matter. It’s when I let them go and grow in the ways they know best that I see them flourish. I see my biggest little learning to read. I see my middle little mastering puzzles. I see my littlest learning to build with blocks.  The littles are working together, and finding their rolls in life as sisters. It’s a beautiful thing that I had been missing living on a bus. Wait. No, it’s a glamorous thing. 

It really is a glamorous life, isn’t it?


One response to “Our Glamorous Life

  1. Glamorous is probably repeated too often, so I’ll say, it’s a Grace Kelly kind of life Grace….
    For me, it’s a hard knock life some days, but my big sis and I used that scene from Annie as inspiration to ALWAYS find something to sing about. I see my littles creating songs about their chores, highs and lows… and so I guess, overall, as long as you can sing about it, then it must be “made for the movies”!

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