Bedtime Thoughts

Every now and again as a mamma I have this terrible thought. What if one my littles choses to make rough choices when they grow up? What if they things they decide to do hurt them? How will my mamma heart react?

They didn’t lie when you hear how having a little is like having your heart walking around on the ground. It is the most rewarding and painful experience I have ever endeavored on.

Right now the issues are little fights between sisters, not wanting to go bed when it’s time, wanting cookies for breakfast, you know, that sort of thing.

What do I do as mamma when the issues become destructive? Will my heart be ready?  And in all my searching, and thoughts, I fall on one answer.


He alone can guide them through. He alone can guide mamma through. He alone can mold me into the example and mamma I need to be to encourage, listen, guide them to be the women He has created them to be.  It’s a hefty thought for a mamma, and I know the conclusion is Jesus alone.

May my littles always know His love and grace. May they ever be drawn to Him and His presence, and when the decisions get tough, Lord may you protect them, and give them the wisdom to make the least destructive decision. 


4 responses to “Bedtime Thoughts

  1. this is beautiful I know I wont make any thoughts change cause its something every prarent worries about but let me reassure you that you are a great mom and you and your husband are doing a mighty fine job raising your three little girls! be blessed Grace! ❤

  2. I ponder these very things all the time. Thank you for this post!

  3. The real heart breaker is when you discover as a mamma that even the things we see as destructive are all part of his plan. His (dare I say painful) plan for their lives. He gave them you and that my dear is the best treasure they will have in life (you are so awesome), but if or when they fall, you already know how to kiss their boo boos and well, as my oldest faces 16 – I can say with confidence – sometimes kissing boo boos is all we are suppose to know how to do. We just pray with them, show them back to the Grace of the cross, have peace in Christ for who He says they are, and who they will be and talk a LOT about the hard stuff at each age level that God opens doors for.
    Besides, your littles will be babies forever and it won’t matter!! So, no need to worry ’bout tomorrows when our God already has that covered. {hugs}

  4. I daresay that our children’s choices become the number one reason for being on our knees, and the biggest faith challenges in our parenting life. What we once thought were our hardest faith lessons in dealing with finances, health, marriage & church relationships, now seem to be quite insignificant because our greatest love and deepest emotions are wound up in our children, who are now making all those faith choices. Whoa Nellie! It’s the toughest test of our lives as parents. Which is why, we develop camel knees and intercessory prayer becomes our biggest ministry after all.

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