5 Ways To Survive Multiple Bus Breakdowns


5 ways to survive multiple bus breakdowns

1. Hoops or other toys to pull out at dealerships, road sides, parking lots.–you know, the breakdown sites

2. If you’re planning more then one break down, specifically if you’re planning for the same part to break. Even more specifically, if that part is supposed to not break even if it was put on wrong. And let’s even be more specific yet, let’s say that this new double break down has nothing to do with the original problem that kept you home from already set plans a week ago.
Let’s say you’re in that situation.
In this case, I suggest discovering a family that really cares about people, who’s hearts are bigger then most, and who have a house that can comfortably house a decent amount of less then thrilled tribe members. –bonus points if they have a pool.

3. There’s a good probability any littles you have on the trip with you might be really done with bus life. You can’t blame them, they’ve been on a bus going no where for a long time. And chances are, you’ve probably been short with them.–it’s okay to admit it! In fact, the remedy for littles who are in sassy moods because they’ve been pushed into corners while the bigs do things like pout about a broke down bus is fairly easy. Tell them you’re sorry. Not that I would know from personal experience because I obviously never make mistakes and expect my littles to act like bigs when they are littles. Okay, I would. And I did. And I had to apologize. And they forgave me. And we started over keeping in mind they are littles and not bigs–bonus points for pool


4. When breaking down try to make sure the town that you’re near is one you’ll fall in love with. In our case we’ve discovered a fantastic coffee shop and art centers to beat the band. Or the bus down blues if you will.


5. Don’t ever forget “Men always ought to pray and not lose heart”–Luke 18:1—bonus points for pool.

And if all else fails, pushing the bus down the interstate IS an option.


2 responses to “5 Ways To Survive Multiple Bus Breakdowns

  1. Pre-emptive strike; assemble the intercessory prayer team prior to the road trip. Remember Ai (Joshua 7).

  2. this was an awesome post

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