Almost Nomadic

Now? What is the tribe doing now?

We’re spending time at home.  Not necessarily purposefully.  Our Melennial Falcon 2–now with wings!–isn’t really flying so much right now. In fact, it’s not even driving.

We as a tribe are patiently waiting. And every other moment we start to want to give up hope. And then something happens. A phone call. A friend stops by. Things are provided for.

I almost hate that a lot. I mean, I want an easy fix. Or an easy answer. I want to go or stay. I don’t love sitting packed waiting to go.

However, as it turns out. Life isn’t about me. Who knew. 

And I don’t really know where I’m going with this, only that it’s true. That we’re waiting. That I don’t want to wait. And I’m learning to be satisfied in the waiting.



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