The Magical, The Fantastical, The Road

It hit me like a ton of bricks this last week. We are moments away from the road life again. 

I like to imagine it as something completely spectacular, the whispers of the road, calling us out to it again. Or something equally as magical. Like the enchanted highway in North Dakota.–there literally is one, and for the record, it turns out that enchantment lies in the hay bales and ginormous deer statue, sounds like enchantment to me–yes, something like that would make the road sound fantastical and magical.

The reality is, this week there’s a ton of work to do. And it’s always hard to grasp around, that this is it for the summer. We won’t be back here until summer is nearly over. And people here will continue living. And we will see things we’ve never seen. And people here will continue the every day. And we will lose track of the days in adventures and movement.

And here’s the other reality of the road. We see God move. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t put the Tribe of Judah in a fancy box that all the other ministries/bands/christians/churches seem to be able to put themselves in. I’m such a failure in so many areas. We just can’t pull it together as a band. And I can’t form a shtick that says we do this ministry here or there. It’s always changing. We are the swiss army knife. And I know that I know, that sometimes we drive across the country just to break down somewhere. Just to tell the receptionist that yes, Jesus did send us the ice cream truck because he loves our kids.

The Tribe of Judah is a swiss army knife that screams YES GOD IS REAL! and Tangible. And when we put our trust in Him, we will do great and mighty things.

Great and mighty things. 

When we trust Him. 

When we trust Him we will do great and mighty things. 

Oh the road. I suppose there is something magical about it all.  It’s in the road life that we are allowed an opportunity available to all, but experienced by few. Great and mighty things.

I’m ready for the road.


2 responses to “The Magical, The Fantastical, The Road

  1. fantastic. where are you headed this time? Or what part of the country? Safe travels to you! CSTN this year?

  2. I love this post. I’m go glad you guys are on the road again, I wish I was with you! All my love to the tribe!

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