On a whim I’m linking up to Insta-Friday’s

life rearranged

Pretty much because I tend to be a sucker for anything Instagram. I love instagram. And I love iphoneography. and I don’t know I came across this blog, but as it turns up there’s a link up to share some of the fun we’ve had all week long ^_^

this is probably one of my favorite iphone photo’s ever. Thank God Summer has arrived, and a pool has come along with it

if you don’t know, I’m running a marathon–yes, you can laugh–I run on this path, and pretend it’s not sweltering hot.

morning breakfast with my bean. that’d be eggs, juice, and ummm cereal?

she’s not even 16 yet

The garage from the home I grew up in, complete with plumb tree

and finally, a cousin shot. As it turns out, it’s not super easy to get 3, yea even 4, little girls to be happy during a photo. you win some, you lose some. ^_^

if you Instagram, you can add me– lionseyegrace



3 responses to “Insta-Friday

  1. Awww… your girls are precious. Found you via the link up!

  2. such sweet pictures! and i like the different angles you use for them!

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