Extraordinary Things

Have you ever had those times when you get all sorts of inspired to jump into life and living. You’re all sorts of ready to take off doing extraordinary things, plans set out. It’s gonna be a good day.

And then your little wakes up with puffy eyes, a runny nose, and no doubtfully a sore throat.  And you instead sit on the couch the entire day. Because not even a sling will do and little must be wrapped snuggly in a blanket all the day long, as it becomes clear that this is the place of comfort.

There’s a part of me that wants to protest. I had big plans today. —Extraordinary things mind you.

And then the rest of me realizes that sitting here on the couch is an extraordinary thing. These are the moments that quickly fade into stop and go snuggles. Snuggles quickly stolen between life’s excitements of soccer and dolly’s.  These all day snuggle sessions don’t last long.  But she’ll know that I love her. She’ll know that I’m here for her. And when things keep her busy with soccer and dolly’s somewhere inside her she’ll know that mamma’s willing to shut it all down to snuggle and nurture when the time is needed.

These are the extraordinary things.


One response to “Extraordinary Things

  1. So true. These are the days when – the rescue of the heart of a child – the security of that blanket, no one can steal from her – EVER. That my sweet lady, is an extraordinary moment of Love.

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