Hi. My name is Grace. and I like birth.

I’m going to start this blog with the statement: I still think birth is awesome. In case you were wondering. Which you might have been. And you might think I’m pretty scary. And you might be wondering where this all is coming from. And you might not really care at all. Whatever the case, now you know. Now you’ve been warned.

Plain and simple, I like birth. And this last weekends experiences have me thrilled beyond reason to be a part of it. When birth is your own story, you feel empowered as a woman and a mamma. But when you watch someone else give birth, and create their own story, you watch them be empowered.

Did I just say empowered?

Yeah, I did.

Great. Now, I’m a feminist.–Only I’m not.

But I do believe that birth is empowering. The Lord has given us women the joy of having littles come out of our WAZOO. I think that’s pretty dang exciting. And we as women should be pretty thrilled to use our wazoo’s in such a way.

I’m totally going overboard with this post.


For the birth I attended there were a number of things that made me excited to be part of team mamma.--I didn’t use the word empowered there so that you wouldn’t be frightened anymore.

My mamma friend not only was in labor for three full days, but she was also hurdling a VBAC after two cesareans.–VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. oh great, I said vaginal. We can call it a WABAC if you want, Wazoo Birth After Cesarean–she was conquering a lot. There was excitement when she felt labor start all on it’s own for the first time ever. There were sighs in a restless nights sleep. There was frustration in spread apart contractions. There was relief in the pool. There were tears in being stuck at 9 1/2 cm. There was exhaustion in doing the hard thing, and taking the contractions on her back after days of horrid back labor. There was determination coming from a loving yet persistent midwife. There was relief in pushing. There was victory in birthing a little. against all odds, birthing a little, naturally.

This is the midwife aka superwoman

And guess what I did? I totally wept in the crescendo of watching mamma see her little arrive. Seeing daddy’s smile at his new son, and mamma’s look of happiness at her husband. They did it.

Praise God. They did it.

And I got to make smoothies, and clean dishes. I got to push on her back when the time was needed. And pray for strength during the hard times. Totally worth it.

I wanna be a midwife one day. Amen.

…and that does come out of a wazoo.


6 responses to “Hi. My name is Grace. and I like birth.

  1. That is so wonderful! I am in tears and so happy for you and the mama! I bet all of the photos you took were wonderful! I am definitely having a photographer at my next birth.

    Oh, and I’m still laughing about WABAC! Bahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lovely lovely story!! Birth is the most beautiful experience ever… minus the screaming (mine), and pooping (baby’s), and squishy slimy fluids gusing everywhere. Ok, even with those things it’s still beautiful!! 🙂

  3. also, I’m laughing about WBAC. I’m calling it that from now on.

  4. your crazy!! I must say you will be a good midwife someday. 🙂

  5. yay…I love this post!

    I was just reading this blogger and you might like some of her posts…


  6. I think this is all still sinking in.. I keep thinking about it and remembering the years (literally) of begging the Lord for a natural Birth after Caiden, being heart broken that my privileged of giving birth naturally may be lost forever.. And then Gabriel.. Another failure.. So disheartening.. Many tears.. And more prayer.. And then there was Sandy! And the Lord used her to give me hope… And then the Lord in all His glory heard my prayers and answered. He alone is good and I am so blessed. Thank you Grace for playing such a vital role in this gift from the Lord! You believed in me when I didn’t.. The End

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