Welcome to April

I first titled this post “Welcome to Spring” but then I deleted it. Because there’s a snow storm coming tonight. I don’t think Spring can really be used in this case. It’s a good thing we just got back from California and Arizona, or I’d really be upset.

I’m calling it April.

Because in April we joke. And I choose to believe we’re joking about snow.–haha. funny joke. snow. I’m going to write in my journal and laugh about it later “the weather fooled me today, and said there would be snow.”

Thankfully, these littles? They don’t mind.

And to the excitement of my littles, they had two friends extra today for their adventures. And with that comibination?  They’ll play any day of the week in made up moats with melty snow.

And when it’s warm enough, even the littlest gets a chance at what some people are calling Spring


Hello April, it was nice of you to stop by today. I don’t appreciate your jokes. Please tell Spring we’re ready for her to come out from hiding now. Thanks.



One response to “Welcome to April

  1. We had 2 days of Spring Tease, and today we woke up to 6 inches of snow, and it’s still snowing. Not funny. I want to go back to Australia forever.

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