Confession of Birth Lover

I like birth. It’s the thing that makes me soft. And I mean, I try to hang with a tough outer shell, but when it comes to birth I go soft.

I can’t explain it, but if you’ve had a baby at home. You know what I mean when I say birth is a worshipful experience.–if you haven’t, I just gave you another reason to throw me on the crazy train. I’m cool with that.

If we weren’t doing radical crazy things all the time, I would seriously look into becoming a midwife. I’ve always wanted to, and on the inside the idea still lingers. Maybe for another time.

you never know.

Thanks to Kelly’s blog, middle little and I have been watching Birth video’s all day.  I wept when the little in this video entered the world.  Please don’t tell. Gotta protect that tough outer shell.

And okay, I feel like I have some okay to weep over birth as I’ve been given a great privilege to photograph a couple of lovely mamma’s getting ready to have their babies.

Oh I love birth. Excuse me while I grab a tissue.

Again, don’t tell.  tough outer shell. Remember? ^_^


2 responses to “Confession of Birth Lover

  1. You and me both. =) It totally is a spiritual experience. I hope some day I am able to be more active with my doula-ing and perhaps even become a midwife. But it’s hard right now while my own kids are so little. I am currently helping to start a doula fund for local families who would like a doula but can’t afford it. We are having a fundraiser this summer which should be exciting!

    I still intend to reply to your email with info, I just haven’t had a chance yet.

    Beautiful photos!!!

    • thanks Kelly ^_^ I like the idea of a doula fund. Doula’s are kind of a foreign concept here, so only people who have really researched things know it’s even a possibility. kinda crazy to me.
      I told you I was going to repost it ^_^ and then I definitely did when Zuri couldn’t help but watch about 10 more videos! ha!

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