Welcome to My Adventure

Once upon a time, I married a bearded man. We moved from Indianapolis Indiana and began an adventure. It started out rough. Because good adventures aren’t really good adventures if you don’t have adversity. And I’m not sure whether to start at the beginning of adventure, or jump in mid way. There’s so many stories to tell of adventure, I get combobbled thinking about where to begin.

Because I don’t want to start with the bad. I want to start with something along the lines of, “We were used to open a coffee shop that turned into an awesome music venue. Strike that, there were TWO! A school birthed out of it! We drove in a bus across the country. 25 states in one year!

But like I’ve already mentioned, good adventures aren’t good adventures with out adversity.

In October 2004 only five months after marrying my bearded husband, we set off from Indianapolis, Indiana for an adventure in the north. We had a sporty Volkswagen wagon, we wore cool shoes, and my nose was freshly pierced. Not to fail to mention Josh’s beard was about a foot shorter.  We were so hip, God had even called us to start a hip cool coffee shop. We left with a business plan to beat the bank.  With plans for Ikea furniture, and a top of the line espresso machine. Needless to say, we were awesome.

I should have known things wouldn’t go the way we planned when the week before we were leaving our sporty little car got in a wreck, and we both had to drive seperately up to Michigan. I, with my brother in our penske rental truck, and Josh a week later, while the car got fixed.

We got there. To Michigan that is. We got there and moved into our fantastic lake house that a couple at our church had given to us to live in, rent free, for the first 8 months.

To Be Continued…


2 responses to “Welcome to My Adventure

  1. Hi there! You may be my new favorite blogger. You’re really quite enjoyable. I’m a Christian unschooly attachment focused kind of mama as well. Thanks for writing and putting yourself out there. I’ll be checking back again. Peace to you.

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