Happy Spring

I trust you’re Spring is treating you fantastically.

Since home we’ve been doing, such springy thing it hurts.

We’ve been doing things, like, well, sledding.

Building a snowman.–strike that–woman. With a baby.

And eating snow.because, lets be honest, there’s no hints of spring here.

Maybe one day soon. Good thing, these little have been much warmer climates and are currently pretending it’s Christmas and loving every minute of the extra snow.

Ahhhh perspective.



One response to “Happy Spring

  1. Hey, your Spring looks like our Spring!!! Only…. I am definitely over it. Judith was outside blowing bubbles in a dress this morning, perhaps pretending it was Spring in hopes that it would come soon? It was snowing the entire time she was outside. I have photos to prove it. She’s hardcore.

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