The Art of Home

When I’m on the road, I think of the days we’ll be home, and how things will fall perfectly into place, and the birds will sing, and my littles and I will happily dance through the house, singing into our brooms, and baking cookies.

As much as that’s mostly true–okay, it’s not. I lied. It’s nothing like that.

A lot of times our “landing” is hard. And the art of being home is lost in translation. As it turns out, our littles aren’t used to being in the same place for to long.

But that, my friends, is what we’re figuring out. How to be home, and enjoy the art of the day in and day out. Library days, and yes dancing through the house, and we may or may not have sang into brooms at one point.

I’m happy to report that three weeks into our time home. I think we’re getting it. We’re figuring out how to be home. We’re taking a minute to breathe.  And it’s good to be home again.

We’ve been praying and have landed on a home time of a few months. More then we’ve had in year. What will we do with our time?!–I only say that in half jest. We have a ton to do. And I’m going to tell you, so don’t think I’m a complete slacker.

Is slacker dating me as a teen from the 90’s? I bet it is.

Saved By the Bell was an awesome show.

I digress.

Besides Saved By the Bell this is what we’re doing here at home in no particular order:

  • Josh is writing a book
  • My littles and I are building a garden–one in which will find itself on the TOP of our bus this summer
  • I’m actually going a direction with photography–and that’s by building a website, and working towards putting a good foot forward
  • the school of ministry. it’s awesome, and there’s lots going on.
  • I’m finding my heart breaking and hearing a call to serve
  • you know, the usual.

I feel better now that you know.

What have you been up to?


One response to “The Art of Home

  1. hey! I love your new layout too! You guys sound super busy…me too. I’ve been teaching some classes in the internship and that is stressful but has been pretty good. miss you!

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