I Heart Faces–Cell Phone Challenge

I thought this challenge would be so so easy. MAN. I was wrong. I’m an iphone photography lover. A huge fan of Instagram, (Add me! BrindleTribe, let’s be friends!) and app nerd all the way.–okay, enough hidden secrets! sheesh.

I decided on this photo because of the precious faces that go along with it. We’re on the road right now, and my littles have made some fantastic friends along the way. Here’s one of their favorites.–and for the nerds out there, I used the camera+ app

Join in on the fun at I heart faces this week! I love this challenge. I love what cell phone photography has done for social networking! ^_^–and well, the apps. but you all ready know that.


11 responses to “I Heart Faces–Cell Phone Challenge

  1. so sweet! love the pic you chose!

  2. What a great photo! I love it! You can totally see the love between these girls.

  3. Cute photo. So sweet.

  4. Great pic! Loving the smiling faces 🙂

  5. Just followed you on Instagram – your pics are too gorgeous not to! Those kiddos look adorable.

  6. I think the picture is adorable!
    And I LOVE that you are friends with
    I just think that girl is nothing but coolness!

  7. very cute! love the colors.

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