Bullets from California

Hi. I’m in California.  As always these trips leave me with so much to say, and such little time to say it. Maybe I’ll share details with you when I get home. But for now, who doesn’t love BULLETS?! I know I do.

  • first of all, we’re in California. That is neat.
  • San Diego is 75 and sunny. always.
  • I’m not complaining.
  • As much as I enjoy snow…..well, I don’t as much. maybe I’m just older, but I sure don’t mind being warm these days and missing out snow storms and a temperature less then 50.
  • I lived in San Diego once. not lying.
  • Actually I was born here. and my parents married here.  I feel a bit nostalgic.
  • Okay, so maybe I got really emotional when I saw my old house. Not that I remember it, but the stories it stands for made me weep.
  • It’s okay to mourn losses.
  • Speaking of weeping. I met a family friend. and by family friend, I mean, she’s got an amazing story. and it involves my parents.
  • Insert more weeping here.
  • we’ve all been crazy sick. yes again.
  • But, hey now we’re with a couple of nurses who have pumped everyone full of probiotics. fantastic.
  • On the way down we didn’t go to Grand Canyon on account of “it snowed” and we didn’t want to be cold yet.
  • We’re going to attempt it tomorrow. But only because it’s our civil duty. I really don’t want to be cold yet.
  • Speaking of cold, this trip now ends with us going up to Fargo, North Dakota. My feelings are hurt just a little.
  • have I mentioned I seem to enjoy being warm.
  • Today we visited a church and Sunny from POD sat behind us. everything in my inner highschool self was really excited.
  • and then I went to starbucks. because we always go to starbucks.
  • I’m running out of things to say. in bullet form.
  • mmm starbucks.
  • tomorrow, in and out burger. the end.

One response to “Bullets from California

  1. oh california sounds so good right now…I do love snow and winter…but I am secretly about ready for summer. Itm sick right now too, and not in class where i should be. happy valentines day!

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