Snomagedon, Arizona style

All this talk about a warm Arizona and I’m piled under three blankets with a winter hat tonight. Turns out Arizona’s version of #snomagedon is a chilly night of 25 degrees.

When I told my biggest little about the crazy storm sweeping our home, she told me she didn’t want to talk about it. She hates missing anything, and something as dramatic as snomagedon? Well, we can’t even go there.

And me? I’m not sure what I’m going to do when we go back up the mountains back into our regularly scheduled climate. I just wanna be warm forever. Is that to much to ask? I didn’t think so.

I bet heaven is warm all the time. Unless you want to sled. But even then the snow is the happy temperature when you can easily take off your hats and gloves with out feeling tortured by life. Mostly though, heaven will be warm.


3 responses to “Snomagedon, Arizona style

  1. hi. I like this post…and love that picture. You are a good photographer. you know, i always say i hate arizona-ish states…but that picture and never having been there changes my feelings.

  2. I always assumed heaven was warm!

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