Wow. That was random

Here I am again. On the road. Finding no time to do some of the things I love with tons of ideas and experiences flowing faster then I can hold on to.

I’ll tell you this though;
1. Arizona is one of the coolest, uniquest places I have ever been
2. I love the nostalgia of route66
3. Today my inspiration for photography sky rocketed as I was given a decent camera lens and was told my photography was good by a more then amazing and well experienced photographer–
4. When I’m on the road I sometimes forget I have a home elsewhere.
5. I love the road
6. Cactus are neat
7. My littles need some Mamma time.
8. This Mamma needs little time.
9. That’s the sufferings of the road
10. Okay, maybe that’s just life in general.
11. I’m a wuss
12. That had nothing to do with the last post, but it still applies.
13. I miss blogging friends.
14. I sound nerdy when I say that. I hope an emp never hits so I can never talk to them again.
15. I would be sad.
16. Arizona is neat.
17. So are cactus.


2 responses to “Wow. That was random

  1. Sounds WUNDERFUL! Those blue skies look really nice too.

  2. I can only imagine! I loved Arizona too. It’s an amazing picture that changes from one side of the state to the other and yet seems somewhat familiar.
    You are a fantastic picture taker as my dad would say. Pray for me as I mourn when I hear about AZ, as all of our pictures but about 12 got lost with a zip drive and I still cry about the amazing shots I had. I must go now, think about something else. Love you!

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