Ode to the Middle Little

My Middle little, Zuri, she’s…umm…how do I say it?

Girly. She’s girly. To an extreme. I mean she’s been wearing the same tutu for almost a month. Only to be changed by her favorite dress.

And you better believe it’s pink. with flowers.

And this girls favorite topic of discussion? anything girl.  You know, weddings, make-up, dancing, you get the idea.

On an attempt to go on a date with my dear husband– before we are bombarded by a herd of people, having a sleep over in our bus room–poor zuri was more than upset. The usual three year old anxiety of “don’t leave me MAMMA!” with her holding onto my skirt while I tried to make myself in at least some way presentable.–how’s a mamma supposed to leave with such cries and squeals?–let me tell you, this is how. That is, if your little is as girly as middle little. All that you need is this statement; “Hey Z, will you help me pick out my jewlery?” because with that, the world changed.

And miss middle little, happily found my jewelery box and found the perfect things for me to wear. All along the way, asking me the important questions about dates “Are you wearing make-up mamma?” “will you guys go to a movie?” “are you going to hold hands?

When I was all ready, and set to her approval, my once weeping, anxiety ridden three year old was–I KID YOU NOT–shooing me off to my date. Voila. Problem solved.

And if my point wasn’t already proved, through out this post she’s been flouncing up to me asking me the most important questions “Mamma, when did you get married?” “and then you kissed right?” “and then you went on your honeymoon?”–you know, the important things.

Oh my girly girl. What will we do with you?


3 responses to “Ode to the Middle Little

  1. Aw, way to go, Mama!

  2. Love it! Sounds like my world, only replace tutus and makeup with dumptrucks and trains. Isn’t it cool how God made boys and girls so inately different? 🙂

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