Two pairs of Pajamas


Today I gave my littlest to Josh and took a shower. First in four days. fantastic eh? And I successfully changed out of my pajamas at four pm into a clean pair of pajamas.

It was a great victory.

My littles have been crazy today.

Crazy in a whiny, not happy with anything, overwhelming kind of way.

I hate those kinds of days.

Especially when they’re coupled up with me wearing my pajamas all day.

3 days until the Tribe takes off for Arizona.

I’m in no way prepared, and lacking much motivation.

I wanna wear pajamas all day.


2 responses to “Two pairs of Pajamas

  1. I had big plans to shower today, it was written on my TO DO list. I even got my clothes ready and put them in the bathroom. But it has yet to happen *sigh*. Now I have to go get groceries, then put the kids to bed, then probably stay up all night cleaning the kitchen. Fun. Maybe tomorrow…

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