Anatomy of a Tribe Trip

T-minus 3 days and we’re off again.

Off for grand adventures across the States.

My current packing list looks something like this;

  • snow suits
  • bathing suits
  • winter boots
  • sandals

you get the idea. Not sure what to expect this time around. There’s talks of a trip to the ocean–the pacific that is–there’s a definite trip planned to the Grand Canyon, and of course there’s everything in between.

Plateaus in New Mexico, back through Wichita, a stop in Iowa.

Our purpose this time around? Make it to Arizona.Oh man, we probably something more passionate sounding then that don’t we? I mean, we do fancy ourselves as “musicianaries”

The truth is, we’re finding a lot of times the trips purpose is more about living life this way. And sharing with our friends, or people at starbucks, or when we break down, that we trust in a great and mighty God.  And that’s pretty much it.

So where this time?

And tada! our trip down. —screen shots are fantastic. I feel so on top of things when I look at that.

The way home? Well, it’s not as planned. In fact we’re not sure how long we’re going to be in Phoenix. And how can we not stop at the Grand Canyon? Or not drive the four hours to the ocean?

Speaking of oceans…that will make BOTH OCEANS in THREE MONTHS!

That is insane. And so completely awesome all at the same time.

I’d love to see you along the way.

And will you pray for us? I don’t mean in a cheesy kind of way, I mean in a serious, you care about what’s going on kind of way. That’d be sweet. and hey, if you are, will you e-mail me at let me know? mammabrindle at gmail dot com.

Thanks friends!

Off to pack snowpants and swimsuits!


3 responses to “Anatomy of a Tribe Trip

  1. What about a detour to Calgary? =D We’re just north of Montana!!!

  2. If you have a chance, a stop at Carlsbad Caverns in NM is SOOOO WORTH IT! It’s amazing and beautiful and your kids would love it! One of my most favorite memories from childhood. Happy travels!

    • I really really really really really want to. You have no idea. Lechugilla is my favorite cave in the world. and even though I can’t go in, I really want to just stand over it.
      but I’m most afraid that we won’t be able to, because well, it’s way south….sigh.

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