Monday Mind Mumblings

Look at me all using alliteration and stuff. I was going to post this as “The post where I tell you all about what’s going in probably a rather lame matter, but it’s good for me to think through and tell you all about it, because I’m not very creative like that. yo.”

but it just didn’t seem right.

And then it hit me.–LIGHTBULB!

Alitteration. Bam.  And now, I bet you’re all about reading this, because of my fantastic writing skills. I know, I know, it is awesome.

And a good old mind dump–err, Monday Mind Mumbling–wouldn’t be complete with out one of my favorite things in the entire world–BULLETS!

  • I have made it one full week into the Bible in 90 Days.–I can hear the cheering, and fanfare. I can hear it.–Let me just say, I’m so happy I’m doing this. It’s been fantastic discipline for myself to take the time to read, I don’t read a lot in general. Well, except for blogs. I’m forever a nerd when it comes to blogs. but, we know that. And that’s a totally other story.MomsToolbox
  • Back to the bible. In 90 days. It’s awesome. Although, we’ll see how things go, this next week. And then the week after that, as we’re once more “on the road”
  • Yeah, you heard me. On the road. One week away. Arizona here I come.
  • Oh my word I have a lot to do in one week.
  • My laundry hates me. but, it’s okay, because I hate it too.
  • Except for the other day. I had a fantastic parenting moment. And it had to do with laundry. wanna hear it?–good. I’m telling it.

Through tears, and feet stomps I had my biggest little help clean up her room, because I’m an evil tyrant of a parent. I know. After the event was over, I think I may have done the right thing for once as a parent. Asking her to come close, I praised her for how awesome her room looked, and asked her if she was proud of her room, because it looked so good. Not stopping there, my mamma super powers kicked into gear and I explained to her that sometimes we have to do the hard things in life that we don’t want to do. And then in a brief moment of super mamma vulnerability I told her that of all chores I hated laundry the most. and guess what I had to do that day? laundry. But I was going to do it anyway, because I want her to have clean clothes.  Through a wipe tear stained face, she looked at me and then said “well, mamma, I’m going to help you do the laundry then.”–OH MY GOODNESS WHO IS THIS AWESOME CHILD?!–and that girl, all day helped to rotate the laundry. which for us is a task as we have to drag our laundry next door to the coffee shop to even wash it in the first place. MY CHILD IS AMAZING.

  • now that we all feel good from that story, I’ll tell you that laundry is still eating my soul.
  • because I have to pack for a month this week.
  • okay, sorry about that, I’m over it.
  • completely unrelated, but I’m allowed to go there because of these fantastic BULLETS, I love this house we live in
  • I love the tribe. and the girls that live here in the house.–and I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if it’s not just a little bit hard to leave the girls that live here for a month.
  • i’ve learned a lot in the last month with these girls…and my heart is with them.
  • Of course, two of them are coming with us. And that makes me so happy.
  • I have a lot of dishes to wash.
  • you might think that has nothing to do with the previous bullet, but it has everything to do with it.
  • There’s something awesome about community and it usually has a lot to do with food. –especially last night. The people kept coming, and so the food kept being made. And there were brownies. And there was the game of things.
  • my word. you have to play that game.
  • Its nights like last night that remind me just how much I love this group of people.
  • now, I just want to hug and sing happy songs.
  • Someone come here and hug me.
  • And thus, concludes my mind dump.–errr, Monday Mind Mumbling

2 responses to “Monday Mind Mumblings

  1. This post and video makes me happy. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

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