5 New Years Resolutions-strike that–suggestions

One of my new years resolutions is to post on my blog every day. Seeing as it’s the third, I’m off to a great start eh?

Nobody’s perfect.

In my defense I have three littles. And as it would happen, sitting down at the computer is a cue to all near to suddenly desperately “need” me. That’s just how it goes.

Okay, so i don’t really plan new year’s resolutions. Mostly because to me thinking of things that I would love to accomplish but yet not really committing to them is the most painful thing in the entire world.

So instead I present

my five new year’s good suggestions to accomplish things that I have wanted to do for a while, but haven’t, and yet, still refuse to be committed to in a serious manner, so as not to stress myself out:

  1. Blog every day. to which I immediately pull a fast one by allowing myself to post a photo.–I’m a tricky one.
  2. read the bible in 90 days.–I’m going to make a go at it. Joining up with Mom’s tool box. and others,MomsToolbox
  3. Love and care deeper and to not shy away from the opportunities to love when it’s inconvenient for me
  4. get healthy again.–true story, the “road” is terrible on health. bad for exercising. bad for eating right. And I tell you, I have got to figure something out to stay active and healthy. oi vey.
  5. Take over the world, world peace, and other unattainable goals.

One response to “5 New Years Resolutions-strike that–suggestions

  1. I like this…I need some suggestions for myself. Thanks for the comment…glad to hear that your Christmas was good and abundant. Mine was nice and restful…ready to head back to IN and get in the swing of things. Wish I could have seen you this time around. Come visit again!

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