My Month in Bullets

So here’s the deal, I’m trying to jump back into this blog with grace and still fortitude. This last month has been a whirlwind, emotionally, spiritually, physically. Okay, not really physically unless the expanding belly from christmas cookies counts.
But here’s the deal, I’m not going to cover it all. And I’m not going to be able to tell you everything, and if I’m going to keep writing, I’m just going to have to pick it up from here.

And by here I mean, bullet points and pictures!!!!

  • There was hanukkah or chanukkah. Or however you want to spell it. We celebrated it as a family, and tribe. It was fantastic
  • There was Fireworks and a holiday in lights parade
  • These littles came home in full force winter.
  • Sledding and snowmen, snowforts, and polar bears
  • A HeBrews concert.
  • Like the good old days.
  • I miss those days of shows every weekend. with little hipster kids thinking they’re all awesome, and me running through the crowds with a baby attached proving that, well, hip is only in your mind
  • It also broke my heart.–same kids at the show. so much life has happened. So many terrible terrible things. So much despair. So lost hope.
  • Jesus is the answer for the world today.
  • Halo tournament
  • Same kids from the shop.
  • Yes, the same ones that also broke my heart.
  • Then they lost their daddy a few days before Christmas
  • Tell me that’s fair.
  • Jesus is the answer for the world today.
  • And entrepreneurial venture of my biggest little.
  • she made $1.50
  • it was for a boy who needs a heart transplant
  • I love her, for that.
  • middle little also attempted a sale. She was selling popcorn. One piece $.50.
  • Yeah, I said one piece.
  • Man, inflation’s rough
  • And then there’s christmas.
  • I haven’t showered since the day that photo was taken
  • and that was last Thursday.–yes, I’m that gross.
  • This may have been middle littles favorite present…
  • also, this is an action shot of her quoting her newest favorite line “Don’t mess with the dress”–my word, what have we gotten ourselves into.
  • Rounding out the festivities with one most christmas with Grammie from Indiana. –Josh’s mamma.
  • Our living room has exploded Christmas again.

There. Are we caught up now?


I’ll go on with my regular rantings soon. ^_^


One response to “My Month in Bullets

  1. I’m glad you are blogging again. I’m so thankful for you guys and your ministry, to be there for those kids that really do need someone to show them who Jesus really is. Let me know when you’ll be in town.

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