Late night drive from Pensacola, Florida to Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re somewhere between Birmingham and nashville. And you, blog, you’re what’s entertaining me.

Okay you and angry birds. I love angry birds. Because every now and again you just have to sling shot birds through the air at green pigs.

And while we’re in this moment of truth the venti double shot I picked up at our last stop is also helping me on this drive.

And possibly another piece of pizza. Pizza is always entertaining.

Concerning home, we’ll soon be there. Home as in Michigan. Although, home is beginning to feel more on the bus these days then at home. Not for any real reason but I’ve found as we’ve round out this trip to head home I’m not having visions of sleeping in my bed and dancing through the snow in the streets of Iron River.
In fact, I’m not looking forward to leaving my bus bed. And I could really survive if I didn’t have to deal with snow for one winter in my life.
But I’m the minority. Most everyone is happy to see snow. And by everyone I most definitely mean my littles. They can not wait to play in snow. In fact, tears were shed when they heard that it had snowed with out them. HOW DARE SNOW?! snowing with out them.
I just want to hear them weep about snow in February.
Except we might be near Arizona in February. Because I’m a tyrant vicious Mamma who keeps her littles from the precious northern winter.


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