Hermit Crabs

One year for Christmas my mom got my brother hermit crabs. Great as the idea was, my brother felt it unnecessary to feed them. And as it would turn out, food is a requirement for survival.

Rest in peace little hermit crabs.

I never really thought to much about hermit crabs after that. You know where they’re from. What they’re purpose is. What they should eat.

Until this week.

We’ve been camping at the ocean in between music outreaches. And me, being the very far northern girl that I am have sat in awe at the life that is supported by the ocean. So many birds. So many fish. ALLIGATORS!!! and even surviving, well fed, hermit crabs.

Thank God I’m a homeschooling Mamma, it helps to not feel like a complete weirdo when I’m excited to show my littles how to find a hermit crab while combing the beach. And finding out what they eat to share with my littles.–because, well, for next times sake.

And by homeschooling, we all know I mean unschooling. But let’s call it homeschooling so you don’t think I just let my littles run naked through the streets because they thought it sounded great at the time.

How awesome is it to learn life on the road? So awesome. And so necessary.

Just ask those hermit crabs.


3 responses to “Hermit Crabs

  1. They did leave a lovely after scent upon their death though.

  2. Your kids are so blessed.

    Judith looked at the photo and said “Whoa, I like that thing!”

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