The Children Were Screaming

We live in chaos. We like it there. And as much as this post is going to be light hearted and fun there is a deep part of me that knows that they chaos we subject ourselves to is for a great purpose much deeper then the mundane existence we humans tend to lead.

Phew. That was a lot this early.

I promise the rest of this post will reek of fantastic things like littles flipping out over chocolate milk in a starbucks.

Because that is the chaos of our life. A life lived in front of people. A lot of the times on the road at the mercy of first impressions and rarely cleaned laundry.

And in today’s episode middle little exploded on the Starbucks floor.

It all started innocently enough. Being the considerate, thoughtful, and overall fantastic Mamma that I am, I thought it kind to bring middle little to Starbucks bright and early–say 7am–while the rest of the sane world slept. Ignore the fact that I would not survive in any humane manner without some form of warm caffeinated beverage, just go with with the thoughtful Mamma idea.

I should have known things wouldn’t work out. And I most definitely should have stopped when the rest of my family woke up in a less then happy manner due to the squeals of the middle little. But I was driven by my need for what Starbucks could offer me.

And the whole family trekked on over.

And all was going fine.

Until I, being the heartless Mamma I am, ordered middle little a cold chocolate milk. And on top of that this terrible Mamma even asked if she wanted whipped cream or not. How dare I?!

And how much more terrible am I that I didn’t not recognize her need for a stinkin’ straw!
And even more, I didn’t bow to the deep bellows and weeping and get the box of milk and a freaking straw.

I am a horrible mother. I know. I’m probably reminding you of that one time you got vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate because your parents hated you. But hey, that’s just how I roll.

In the end I pulled a fantastic Mamma move and explained to my middle that one day in the future–possible distant future–we would get that boxed milk. You know, “another time” and then we added whipped cream to the already established chocolate milk and were on our way.

Poor middle little. She suffers so much.


One response to “The Children Were Screaming

  1. Grammie loves you sweet little one

    Grammie loves you sweet little Zuri…………..I promise you all the chocolate milk you want next time we meet………

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