Mountains in HDR

So I’m lame and looked up what HDR was when my iphone update added in a new feature on it’s camera.

Turns out HDR is High Dynamic Range imaging.–even though I’m consistently telling people it stands for High Digital Resolution. It’s mom brain, I can’t help it.

Basically it’s using the technology of digital photography to create an image that combines various lighting level of a number of separate other shots. Confusing? yeah, me too.

But basically, this is what I’m getting so far, and I’m looking forward to learning more ^_^

And because I’m on top of things, here’s what the original looks like sooc:


see the difference?

I feel snazzy

thanks for that, eh?



2 responses to “Mountains in HDR

  1. Is this the sunset from Chalice Hill – (one street over from our house)? That’s pretty awesome.

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