Familiarity in Chaos

Tonight we’re headed south. Well, we’re on our way south. I don’t think Kentucky counts as “south.”–I’m pretty sure Kentucky is in it’s own league. It’s somewhere between ORV’s , horses and the bible belt.

We’ve parked ourselves in a wal-Mart parking lot and everyones happily asleep in the mild warmth. Which is a big deal, because normally it’s freezing and we’ve been plugging in our heater. But we can’t tonight because we’re in a parking lot boondocking.–which while we’re on this tangent I want you to know that boondocking is my all time favorite RV-ing word. Now you know.

We’re rounding the three week part of this trip. And in travel terms that means we’ve hit hell week. Not lying. The three week marker in past has really sucked. It’s the point of the trip that you’re feeling pretty much done.
And before you get really worried for me I want you to know that the whole purpose of this post is to tell you that I think we’ve hit some monumental milestone as our whole family seems to be doing just fine this week.

As we begin to head south this time around things are familiar. We’ve done this before. We’ve been to Florida. We’ve lived on a bus. We’ve had no personal space.

We’ve done this before.

And I have to tell you, it’s a great feeling to see familiarity in the chaos.

We live adventure.

Who knew?


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